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Overnight Sitting Service 

When you want extra care and attention for your precious pet whilst you are away, my overnight sitting service is the ideal solution. With overnight sitting, your pet gets to stay in their own home environment but not be alone overnight, as I will keep them company through the evening and night. 

Overnight sitting is great for: 

~ Dogs, especially those who would be nervous or unsettled in kennels (see special note below) 

~ Cats, especially those who enjoy human interaction and are more active in the evenings 

~ Multi-pet households 

After a free initial meet-and-greet session (see FAQs), overnight sitting will be tailored to your pet’s requirements. This service will include, where appropriate: 

  • refreshing water bowls and giving food, 

  • giving medication if required, 

  • local evening and morning walks/letting out in the garden, 

  • cleaning litter tray, 

  • removing hair build-up from bed/cushion, 

  • checking basic health,  

  • play time and lots of TLC! 


    In addition, I will take care of your house, open and close curtains, pile mail, put out bins. 


    *Overnight sit ~ cats / small pets 

    Up to 3 cats ~ £30.00 per night 

    Additional cats £3.00 each 

    PLEASE NOTE: to allow me to give my full care and attention to your cat during each stay, it is recommended that outdoor cats are kept inside with a litter tray whilst you are away. 


    *Overnight sit ~ dogs 

    Up to 2 dogs, garden time only ~ £30.00 per night 

    Up to 2 dogs, local walk in the evening or early morning ~ £35.00 per night 

    Additional dogs £5.00 each 

    PLEASE NOTE: dog walks during an overnight stay will generally be on lead near to the home but may be further away if a suitable, safe area is nearby and it will be daylight. 


    Special note: in the interests of welfare and safety, dogs must receive at least one, preferably two, appropriately spaced walks/letting out during the day (by myself or another responsible person), so that a ‘usual’ owner-at-work-all-day schedule is mimicked. Bookings for overnight sitting of dogs will not be accepted without such arrangements in place. 


    *Prices are for overnight stays any day of the week, standard duration 7pm - 7am / 8pm - 8am. If you would like pet sitting stays with different requirements, please do get in touch with your specifics and I will do my best to help