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Cat Care Services 

Cats are creatures of comfort and habit. Leaving your cat at home and having cat care whilst you are away will let them keep their routines as well as their favourite sleeping spots

My cat care service is great for when you are just out for an extra-long day and want the reassurance your feline friend is well and fed, or you are away for a few days or on holiday and want to ensure all your cat’s food, health and play needs are met. A 45 and 60 minute option are available for those looking for quality time to be spent interacting with your cat, after the domestic duties have been completed. For the longer times away I can also take care of your house, open and close curtains, pile mail, put out bins and water plants. 

After a free initial meet-and-greet session (see FAQs), each visit includes: 

  • refreshing water bowls and giving food,

  • giving medication if required, 

  • cleaning litter tray, 

  • removing hair build-up from bed/cushion, 

  • checking basic health. 

  • In addition, if your cat enjoys human attention, I will gladly fulfil their desires – head scratches, belly rubs, playing with toys, brushing, even chit chat and singing – whatever makes them happy and leaves them content! 


    30 minutes ~ £11.00 

    45 minutes ~ £13.00 

    60 minutes ~ £15.00 

    *up to 3 cats included 


    PLEASE NOTE: to allow me to give my full care and attention to your cat during each visit, it is recommended that outdoor cats are kept inside with a litter tray whilst you are away. 


    *Above prices are for visits any day of the week between 8am - 7pm. If you would like cat care outwith these hours or for more than 3 cats, please get in touch to check availability and prices